Using an Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Is there a big painting job that you’ve been putting off? Are you wondering about the benefits of using an air compressor for spray painting your walls rather than using a roller? The main advantages of spray painting are speed and an even finish to your work. If you want a detailed or delicate finish, an airbrush is the ideal tool to give your surface the perfect look. There are many benefits to spray painting which is why it is becoming so popular.

When you use a paint spray gun you can easily achieve a professional ‘brush mark free’ finish, which will make your project look stunning. You will get great results from all types of paints, stains wood washes and lacquers on lots of household items. Although there are many types of spray painting equipment, we recommend using an air compressor to power your spray gun. It will give you a smooth result, without contamination, and you are less likely to suffer from drying lines or marks.

Any material that can be thinned to the correct consistency can be spray-painted. This usually includes gloss paint, emulsion, varnish, acrylics, preservatives, enamels and water based products.

Many people use their air-powered spray guns outdoors on large exterior walls, sheds and fences. If you have a spray gun and an air compressor handy, your external decorating will be a lot easier. Believe us, you’ll be relieved to have an air compressor on hand next time the gable end is looking shabby!

Do you need some extra help and advice before you start? Take a look at our spray painting tips and spray painting safety guide.

Indoors, your spray gun will make jobs like painting radiators or cupboard doors much easier. Once your surface is dry, you can use an air brush to add a touch of magic.

Air Brushing

Airbrushes are popular for all sorts of jobs from car and motorbike bodywork to stencils on walls or furniture. You can quickly create beautiful result which take your project from good to great.

Learning to use an air brush is easy. Simply press the trigger on your single action or dual action airbrush and air from the compressor will make your paint flow through the airbrush. With a little practice you will achieve fantastic results.