Troubleshooting When Your Spray Gun Isn’t Working

It is very frustrating when you follow all the recommendations and something goes wrong. Regardless of how skilful you are, almost everyone runs into difficulties every now and then.

The most likely reasons for having problems are faulty equipment, your technique, preparation of the material or in some cases the weather! You can work through our detailed guide to spray painting and our advice on cleaning your spray painting system to try to find the answer. Or, if you’d like ask a question, our LiveChat Team are on hand during the working day. Please start up a chat if you’d like their help.

Q. The compressor will not stop and is not building up pressure.
A. Check that the drain plug under the receiver is fully closed.

Q. There is a small hissing noise when the receiver is empty and the compressor starts.
A. This is quite normal, the (ON/OFF) pressure switch is designed to depressurize the pump before starting and will discharge some air as the compressor is building up pressure.

Q. The compressor has stopped and will not restart.
A. The electric motor has a thermal protection and if the compressor has been running for too long, or has been used with an unsuitable extension lead or adaptor, the thermal protection will activate, it will reset itself once the electric motor has cooled down.