7 Tips for your Air Compressor after Lockdown

If you are starting to think about how to prepare for getting back to work, you need to allow time to get your equipment ready for action. We certainly recommend that you follow our tips to bring your air compressor out of mothballs. This is something that you can easily do while we’re still in lockdown, provided you follow the regulations on social distancing.

Getting started

Just like getting your compressor set up in the first place, our handy video takes you through our top tips to get your compressor safely set up again and ready to run.

7 Checks for Your Compressor

When you take a few minutes to check your air compressor is set up properly you will extend its life and keep your running costs low.

  1. If you have a portable air compressor, check that its wheels are locked to avoid it moving around because of vibrations. Either use the brakes on the wheels or with blocks for those models without brakes.
  2. Check there are no problems with the electrical connection. Check if power cables are intact, if they are damaged do not switch on your compressor.
  3. You might’ve have forgotten to drain the air receiver before closing down, so make sure it is drained and condensate is disposed accordingly.
  4. Check your hoses are in good condition, if they are damaged or have holes in them this could be costing you money increased electrical bill and they should be replaced.
  5. Set the pressure of your compressor according to the tools you will use. Higher pressure can damage the mechanical parts of your tool (more than 8 bar or 116 Psi is rarely needed).
  6. Check the valve on the outlet of the tank before you can reconnect the hose. This allows you to close or open the air outlet to avoid unnecessary leaks and increased running of the compressor.
  7. Always check the oil level daily before starting the compressor. You need to keep the oil at the level that is recommended in your instruction manual. We also advise you always to use original ABAC air compressor oil.

If any filters need replacing, you can order these online – or contact our team for advice on the right service kit for your compressor.