Restore, Refurbish and Maintain Your Boat

Almost every sailor will tell you that time spent on boat maintenance is a waste of good sailing or cruising time! They’ll also tell you that maintaining your boat is an essential part of protecting your asset and keeping your boat seaworthy. If you would rather be on the water than sanding, varnishing and painting, an oil free air compressor will be your new best friend.

Are you the owner of a wooden or classic boat? Then you will really appreciate how fast and efficient you can be with a portable compressor and air tools. If you have ever spotted a cheap wooden dinghy, narrowboat or yacht for sale but got put off by the time you’d need to refurbish it, you will love your air compressor!

You can whizz through the sanding with an orbital sander and get a beautifully smooth finish. If you are aiming for a classic look, you will probably choose varnish to protect your boat and foils. Varnish also creates a wonderful for the interior of your yacht or narrowboat. Most of us find varnishing and painting is a chore. You carefully paint it on and then every insect in the boat park makes a beeline for you! Then you have to dawdle around watching others sailing, while you wait for each coat to dry. You’ll probably find yourself moaning about the cost of paint too! The worst thing is that all of this has to be done on warmer, drier, breezier days… perfect sailing and cruising days, in fact!

The main reasons for people to choose a compressed air tools for buffing and spray painting their boat are:
1. Quality of finish – your boat will look amazing! No brush marks and no rough patches, just a smooth, shiny professional finish;
2. Speed – spray painting lets you apply each coat much faster and it gives a thin, even covering. Each coat dries more quickly and lets you build up layers of paint or varnish in a much shorter amount of time. Buffing is quick and easy too;
3. Economy – when the paint goes on easily and there are no brushes to drop or open tins to get contaminated, you waste very little varnish or paint so it’s an economical way to look after your boat.

When you choose an air compressor, you need to make sure you get one that is up to the job. The last thing you want is to run out of compressed air before you’ve finished a coat of paint. It’s annoying and it’s a waste of time while you wait for the compressed air reservoir to refill. The ABAC Montecarlo O20P or the Pole Position O20P both have the power and generous air receivers. They are both oilless systems so there’s no risk of lubricant contaminating the varnish while you’re spraying. The Montecarlo O20P has a bigger (50 litre) receiver which might be useful for larger dinghies and yachts. Both of these compressors run off 13 amp domestic electricity.

With the right equipment, buying that bargain boat and restoring seems like a great idea! The only problem you’ll have is deciding whether to keep her and sail her or sell her on for a profit… Choices, choices!

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