OEM Solutions

Do you need consultancy support for your in-house air compressor team? ABAC works alongside OEMs in various industries and we help you overcome the challenges you face when it comes to things like flow rates, pressure and air quality. You are likely to be using compressed air as a utility used to provide power to an operating cycle within product lines. As an OEM, air compressors are vital to the smooth running of your production so you need a partner to supply a cost effective solution. With ABAC you also get a partner who invests in innovation and you will see this in our baseplate air compressors range. These products are particularly popular with OEMs.

It’s also important for you that we ensure all our air compressors meet all the standards required by legislation and follow best practices. If you have a supplier who doesn’t offer the highest standards of service, you won’t have the competitive advantage you need to succeed. When an air compressor interrupts industrial production, it causes you a serious headache. With ABAC, you get an industrial air compressor that is up to the job so it won’t let you down.

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How is ABAC different?

When you partner with ABAC, you are working with a worldwide market leader in the production and distribution of air compressors and air treatment equipment. We work across all three market segments: industrial, professional and semi-professional and we offer you a complete solution for compressed air. Our air compressors feature integrated pump designs in either direct drive or belt drive configurations. This means we can provide you with standard and bespoke compressed air equipment. We have an excellent track record in delivering solutions to general industrial, automotive, printing, car wash and transit applications to name just a few!

You can call us on 01869 326 226 if you’d like to find out more.

Volume Import Purchases & Individual Branding

If you require own-branded air compressors, please contact our Live Chat team. We understand how much you invest in your brand and how important it is that your customers recognise your products. This is why we offer individually branded products designed to your specific needs, subject to volume. This allows you to capture additional value, without risking your brand reputation.

Our dedicated team are available to respond to your enquiries from start to finish, including all aspects of design, manufacture, shipping, logistics and commercial enquiries. If you’d like to arrange a time to meet us, we’ll be pleased to hear from you. The best starting point is to ring our team on 01869 326 226 and they’ll put you in touch with the right people. Contact us via Live Chat or use the form below to find out more