Is an Air Compressor Overkill for your Bike Shed?

If you aren’t sure whether cyclists really need air compressors, think about the number of bikes you maintain and the amount of time you spend on bike maintenance. And it’s not just the bike tyres that need air of course.

Don’t Let Tyres Interrupt Your Cycling Time!

Have you ever planned a family bike ride… only to find that you’ve got 6 or more tyres to pump up before you can get off the drive?

Did you ever decide to spruce up your cycle fleet and then got bored with re-inflating tyres afterwards? Anyone with a high performance road bike will know that pumping high pressures tyres up to 90 psi is hard work by hand or foot!

Or one of our pet hates is that moment when you get the bikes loaded up for a cycling adventure away from home… only to find that you need more air in your vehicle tyres?

You might also have come across the issue that tyres don’t sit evenly on some rims, especially on motorcycle wheels. This can cause serious problems in terms of damaging inner tubes and tyres if you don’t inflate the tyre fast enough. You risk getting a “clown bike effect” when the inner tube sticks under the tyre wall. However, this is easily solved by inflating tyres rapidly. Although it is almost impossible to achieve with a hand or foot pump, it is easy to do with an air compressor.

Let’s be honest, if any aspect of your hobby involves air then an air compressor will improve your life! There are some unlikely candidates as well as the obvious ones like cycling and motorcycling. We thought of sailors who need to keep the air in every launch trolley wheel topped up and their boat trailer tyres inflated.

In every single one of these examples you will need to check the correct tyre pressure and pump up each tyre. This becomes so much easier with an air compressor and tool kit. Simply set the correct pressure and then whizz around from one valve to the next. 

There are many people whose need to move equipment for their hobby – and need to adjust their car tyres before they set off on their adventures. With an air compressor like the portable Compy O15 or a wall mounted XPN O15 (with easy reach hose and tool kit), you can spend more time on your favourite activity and less time on preparing for it!