How to Install an Air Compressor in 10 steps

Congratulations, you have just bought the right fit compressor! Now you need to know how to install an air compressor.

When you set your air compressor up properly you will extend its life and keep your running costs low. You can do this in just 10 steps.

  1. Choose the right place to install an air compressor. Put it in a dry, clean and ventilated area. Keeping your compressor in a humid or cold environment will have a negative impact on the lifetime of the unit.
  2. For safety reasons, place a belt driven compressor with the belt side towards the wall. The distance to the wall should be minimum 30 cm.
  3. When you set up a portable air compressor, lock its wheels to avoid it moving around because of vibrations. Either use the brakes on the wheels or with blocks for those models without brakes.
  4. Prepare the electrical connection and check if you have the right voltage for your compressor.
  5. Make sure the current fuse size of your house/workshop is high enough to supply the compressor and other equipment. It is useful to have an on/off electrical switch controlling the electrical inlet of the unit. This way, you can turn this off when you are not using the compressor for some time.
  6. If you buy the hose, check the dimension of the tank outlet to match the hose, and always take 1-2 metres extra to have a more flexible solution. Good advice is to measure the length according to your cars perimeter + 2m so you can inflate your tyres easily.
  7. Set the pressure of your compressor according to the tools you will use. Higher pressure can damage the mechanical parts of your tool (more than 8 Bar is rarely needed).
  8. Have a good standard set of tools available, some of the most useful and common are: air blower; nail gun; impact wrench; paint gun and car polisher.
  9. Install a valve on the outlet of the tank before the hose. This allows you to close or open the air outlet to avoid unnecessary leaks and increased running of the compressor.
  10. Always check the oil level daily before starting the compressor. You need to keep the oil at the level that is recommended in your instruction manual. We also advise you always to use original ABAC air compressor oil.