Extra Advice for Choosing a Replacement Air Compressor Installation

When you are upgrading an air compressor, take a moment to think about why you need a replacement compressor. Is it because your current air compressor has broken or because it is no longer keeping up with your compressed air demands? If you are upgrading an air compressor that is broken, you need to consider why it broke. If it wore out because it was too small, you probably need a bigger replacement air compressor. This guide will help you find the right air compressor upgrade for your business.

You are probably familiar with all the questions we ask in our Detailed Guide to Buying an Air Compressor. You already know about noise, clean air and where to site your air compressor system. However, if your current air compressor has broken, you might find it useful to check through the list. See if there are any hints on ways to keep your new ABAC air compressor in tip-top working order.

What am I using the air for?

  • Rotary Screw compressors work well in applications where you need a continuous supply of air, eg. sandblasting, grinding for multiple tool usage.
  • Has your piston compressor been running nonstop to keep up with demand? You need to run a piston compressor with a 50% duty cycle. This means it has 10 mins running and 10 mins off, and with no more than 7 start/ stops in an hour. If yours is running constantly you need to upgrade or consider a rotary screw compressor.
  • Check what your electrical supply is and find out how much it costs to upgrade to a larger electrical service.
  • If you need to upgrade, remember that most rotary screw compressors and larger piston compressors run off 3 phase supplies. Is this available?
  • If you are considering upgrading from a piston to rotary screw compressor, remember that rotary screw compressors are more sensitive to extremes to ambient temperature. You will need to place your compressor in an environment where the temperature is fairly stable. It will probably need to be close to the point where you plan to use it. Luckily rotary screw compressors are a quieter than piston compressors.

If you are considering upgrading your system and would like some advice, your local compressor distributor is on hand to help you find the best solution for your business.

Once you’ve chosen your system, remember to take a look at our 10-step guide on How to Install an Air Compressor.