Medical, University and Laboratory

ABAC air compressors can supply hospitals with the standard of compressed air they need. If you rely on an integrated and stable source of compressed air, we can help. We know you often need a constant supply of medical air for patient areas and surgical air for operating theatres and our air compressors are up to the job.

Medical air is used for a variety of patient applications. Many patients sensitive to oxygen toxicity are delivered air to lower their exposure to oxygen. Many of these patients have extremely delicate respiratory systems or processes which rely on a pure, accurate concentration of medical air. Some examples of patients dependent on a reliable, quality air supply would be neonates and those patients suffering from adult respiratory depression syndrome. Medical air is also used during anaesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure. While the source of medical air may be a manifold with a bank of compressed air cylinders, most hospitals use a compressor system.

Compressed air is used in Laboratories and Universities for a whole range of applications from automation and analysis to resistance training. For some applications your system may need to adhere to ISO 8573 which is the internationally recognised standard that defines major contaminants in compressed air and presents a comprehensive system for air purity designations. The implementation of this standard supports accurate testing of the major contaminants in compressed air – particles, water, oil, and microorganisms. ISO 8573 is used widely throughout the compressed air industry, acting as a common language available to the manufacturer, compressed air system supplier, and compressed air testing laboratory.