Dental air is supplied via a compressor, which should be fitted with an air-intake filter and a post compression filtration and dryer system. This ensures that the air is clean and dry, minimising the risk of contamination of the system by micro-organisms and improving the efficiency of dental instruments.

The filter system should provide dust filtration down to 1 µm with a DOP (aerosol) efficiency of not less than 99.97% and bacteria filtration down to 0.01 µm with a DOP (aerosol) efficiency of not less than 99.9999%. The dryer system should be capable of producing air with an atmospheric dew-point not less than –20ºC.

The quality of the air you put into your compressor is important. The quality of your compressed air will depend on the inlet air and what the compressor adds to it. Both oil-less and lubricated compressors are used in dentistry. Both require particulate filters to remove any airborne contaminants (dirt and dust) to conform to HTM 2022 legislation. Oil-free compressors are a simple, cost-effective solution to the problem of oil contamination. If you have a lubricated compressor, your system must also include reliable coalescing filters, which will need to be checked regularly, to ensure patient safety.

CLR 15/25 T Dental Air Compressor

CLR 15/25 T

Our CleanAir range is ideally suited to Dental or Laboratory and ensures compliance with the requirements of HTM2022 for Dental Applications.



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Our cleanAIR oil-free piston compressors produce air of the highest quality, suitable for dentists, laboratories, surgeries, food packaging, drink dispensing and many other applications where hygienic and clean air is a must.

The comprehensive range is available with an adsorption dryer, a water separator and a sound insulation cabinet. These compressors go from 1.5HP to 2.5HP so they supply air to up to 5 dental chairs. The air receivers are treated internally with epoxy coating to avoid corrosion, extend lifetime and assure a safe operation.

Our range of CLR piston compressors have a 50% duty cycle, meaning that the compressor can run continuously for 5 minutes but must then rest for 5 minutes.