Dental & Healthcare

In any healthcare, laboratory or dental surgery, you need a compressor that produces clean, bacteria-free air. We developed our oil-free CleanAir compressors to give you a reliable source of clean, compressed air. You can select a CleanAir compressor with a desiccant dryer and our silenced dental air compressors also have desiccant dryers. When you choose a model with a desiccant dryer, it will remove water down to a -40°C pressure dewpoint. This prevents bacteria from growing which is better for patients and for your equipment. All our HTM 2022 compliant air compressors have desiccant dryers so you can use them for NHS dental work.

We are here to help you choose the right laboratory or dental air compressor system. You can email our experienced team or call them on 01869 326 226 for advice.