Cleaning Your Spray Painting System

Let’s be honest, cleaning up is pretty dull. However, it is essential that you clean the entire spray gun thoroughly after each project and when you change the type of material you are spraying.

When you clean your gun, always use the same material that you use to thin the paint you are spraying, e.g. water, mineral spirits, etc. You need to clean your spray gun carefully to remove all the dried paint. If you don’t do this, it will get blocked up with dried paint. If you leave any traces of material in the tip, nozzle or siphon tube it will cause you problems, just as badly cleaned conventional paint brushes cause problems.

How to Clean Your Spray Gun

  1. Once you have finished your project, you must resist the temptation to sit back and admire your handiwork! Instead, turn off the compressed air supply at both the regulator and pressure switch. Next, point your spray gun into an empty container and squeeze the trigger to release any remaining compressed air from the hose. You can now remove the cup/pot carefully and empty any remaining liquid into a suitable container. Put your paint gun safely to one side while you carry out the next steps.
  2. Clean the pot should thoroughly with the appropriate solvents. If you leave any paint behind in or on the pot it will dry quickly and it will be much harder to clean later.
  3. Next you need to clean any lids or gaskets in your system.  Clean the nozzle assembly carefully. If you leave any material behind your nozzles will get blocked up. Once you are happy that everything is clean and ready, move onto step 4.
  4. Double-check that your pot is now completely paint free. Then pour in a small amount of solvent and put it back in the gun, sealing it in.
  5. Now your spray gun has been re-assembled.
  6. Attach the gun to the hose, turn on the compressor and release the compressed air. You need to direct the gun towards an empty container and spray the solvent through the gun. For a few seconds you should see that the solvent contains your painting material. However, this will quickly disappear and you will see pure solvent leaving the system.
  7. You can now store away your sparkly clean, paint-free spray gun.
  8. Please remember to remove the solvent from the pot using the same method as removing the paint.

Now you can grab a cuppa and admire your handiwork, knowing that your spray gun is ready for your next project.