Car Restoration Project or Home Mechanic?

A workshop air compressor will make your life so much easier that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!

When it comes to spray painting cars, vehicle restoration or fettling your own wheels, you will find your air compressor is invaluable. That’s why all the advice on the tools you need to be a home mechanic puts air compressors high up the list. The same is true for a classic motorbike or car restoration project because body and paintwork repairs really are impossible without air tools.

Before you choose your air compressor, you need to find one that is powerful enough for your project. The chances are that you will need a spray gun, a sander and an orbital buffing tool, as well as a cut off wheel, a reciprocating saw and a die grinder. You will find easier to keep your project moving forwards if you invest in the best compressor you can afford.

Few things upset a restoration project as badly as running out of compressed air. If you’re half way through spray painting a panel it’s a nightmare. Even if you fancy a cup of tea, you really don’t want uneven drying marks. The last thing you want is to have to sand the whole thing down and start again.

Air Compressor for Spray Painting Cars and Bikes

The ABAC Montecarlo O20P or the Pole Position O20P both give you the grunt you need. They are great air compressors for spray painting cars and motorbikes and they’ll help you do a great job at restoring bodywork and paintwork. They are both oil free so there’s no risk of lube contaminating the paint while you’re spraying and they run off 13 amp domestic electricity. The Montecarlo O20P has a 50 litre receiver which gives you an exceptional reserve of compressed air to make sure you don’t run out of power half way through. Both machines run from a 2HP motor is a great little workhorse.

Whenever you restore a motorbike or a car, the chances are that you will need your the air compressor in your workshop to give the engine some TLC. Simply switch the spray gun for whichever tool you need next and you can get straight to work. Most engine restorers need an impact wrench, an air drill and an air chisel or hammer at this stage. When you use air tools, you will save money in the long run. They are more powerful, don’t overheat and don’t break as quickly as electric ones.

Best Air Compressor for a Home Mechanic

If you’ve decided that bodywork is definitely not your thing, you can choose a compressor with oil lubrication. If you need a lot of compressed air each time you run your tools, you’ll need a compressor with a large receiver. For home mechanics, the ABAC Montecarlo L25P or the Montecarlo L30P is the biggest air compressor you’re likely to need. The chances are, the smaller Start L20 (light but no wheels), Start O20P (silent compressor) or Pole Position L20 (25kg with wheels) will give you all the power you need. Each air tool comes with advice on the displacement or working pressure you need to run. Luckily all these systems will run the normal air tools you’ll find in a home garage.

The best way to extend the life of our car, motorbike or pedal bike is to keep it clean. We all know it but most of us would rather not spend all day on it! There is a huge array of air tools to make cleaning and maintenance easier. The most popular air tools for a home workshop include:

  1. Air and water wash guns
  2. Chemical degreasing guns
  3. Air dusting guns

One great thing about an air dusting gun is that you can choose a long-nose design to reach awkward spots. You know, the annoying ones, deep in the engine or underneath the chassis of your car.

Now you’re all set! Just don’t tell your neighbours or they’ll be forever popping around to ask you to fix their cars!