Become an Upcycling and Furniture Restoration Pro

Are you still upcycling preloved furniture into something chic (or shabby chic) using hand tools and aerosols? When you invest in an air compressor you can switch to air powered nail guns, sanders and paint sprayers. You will get better results and create a stunning piece of vintage furniture in next to no time.

If you only upcycle the occasional item for your home, a small air compressor will give you plenty of power. The chances are, you’ll use your compressed air in bursts while you put in a dozen furniture nails. You’ll probably be ready to move on to the next job before you risk running short of compressed air. If this sounds like you, the ABAC Compy O15 is small but powerful and should provide you with enough compressed air for your tools.

If you think you might take on some bigger furniture restoration projects, you will need more power. The best way to get this is to choose a compressor with an air receiver. The receiver stores the compressed air so you have a buffer. This is useful if you are carrying out a task that demands air at a faster rate than your machine compresses it. Although the Vento B15 is less powerful than the Compy O15, it does have a small receiver. If you’d prefer a bigger receiver but still want a compact, lightweight air compressor, the Start O15 or Pole Position B15 might suit you better.

If you fancy making some money from your vintage furniture restoration hobby, you definitely need a more powerful air compressor. It will help you turn projects around faster and it will soon pay for itself. You can work rapidly with an air nail gun or air sander. It’s very rewarding when you can make a huge amount of progress fast. For a big reupholstery project, you’ll be very glad to have the oomph of an air powered nail gun!

If you are a pro upcycler, you probably work somewhere larger than if you restore furniture for a hobby. At this point you might need a bigger compressor so you can work for longer periods of time. It will also give you more power. For jobs like this, the smaller Start L20 (light but no wheels), Start O20P (silent compressor) or Pole Position L20 (25kg with wheels) are all great options.

If you plan to use your compressor for spray painting (and why wouldn’t you?) you need an oil free model. Then you don’t have any risk of lube contaminating the paint while you’re spraying. Discover the benefits of spray painting.

Follow our tips in our spray painting guide and you’ll find that a spray gun gives you the smoothest possible results on chairs with cartwheel or ladder-backs. Best of all, you can apply thin, even layers of paint (or varnish). This means you waste very little paint and each coat dries very fast. You can build up the coats of paint and get a beautifully finished piece of furniture listed in your eBay shop in no time at all! The ABAC Montecarlo O20P or the Pole Position O20P are both great choices for furniture painting. The Montecarlo O20P has a bigger (50 litre) receiver to give you a large reserve of compressed air which you’ll need if you are upcycling large pieces of furniture like dressers or wardrobes.

Now you’re ready to get busy upcycling your vintage furniture. It’s time to start scouring the car boot sales and eBay for the perfect project!

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