Now that you’ve chosen your compressed air system along with any air treatment it’s time to consider the installation.

Types of installation:

There are in essence two types of installation – locally at point of use or a dedicated compressor room with distribution pipework. Whichever type of installation suits your application we have the solution in relation to compressed air pipework – AIRnet is our aluminium smooth bore push fit system available in diameters from 20mm to 158mm so whatever size compressor system you have we have it covered.

  • AIRnet is typically 85% faster to install than conventional galvanised pipework systems.
  • AIRnet is simple to install and can be done by one person reducing labour costs.
  • AIRnet ensures minimal pressure drop and results in energy savings.
  • AIRnet is leakage free and corrosion resistant with a 10 year warranty.

Sizing of Your System

If it’s a brand new installation, we’d recommend talking with your local ABAC authorised distributor allowing you to tap into a wealth of experience in terms of best practice. They will be able to handle any such project cradle to grave for you.

If its an existing installation, and your perhaps looking to replace your compressor, do you size like for like? In a word ‘no’ technologies have advanced at such a rate in recent times that a 26kw compressor will now match the output of a traditional 30kw unit. Variable speed technology should also be a consideration. To take the guess work out of it we’ve developed a highly accurate auditing system called ‘Airchitect’ so we can offer you the perfect match in terms of compressor size and type to supply your system.