About Us

People choose ABAC air compressors because they know that we deliver a quality product. As part of the Atlas Copco group, ABAC has been investing in innovation since 1951, so you get a compressor that meets your needs. If you would like information about any ABAC products, you can speak to one of our team members on Live Chat or call us on 01869 326 226.

Customers tell us that the things they value about us are:

  • You do business with a supplier that has a successful track record.
  • We have a reputation for building reliable, robust air compressors.
  • You work with a supplier that has a wide range of products.
  • We sell air compressors for almost every situation so we will support you as your business grows.
  • You get a supplier who provides a local service.
  • Our approved distributor network gives you a local service for sales, maintenance and support.
  • You will work with a business that offers a parts and spares service to keep your machine running smoothly.
  • We sell service kits and our distributors provide an after-sales service for all ABAC air compressors

Our ethos is that we should give you just what you need to keep a reliable supply of air in your business.

We’re here to help so call our expert team on 01869 326 226.

Global & Personal

ABAC is part of a bigger family of air compressor manufacturers and suppliers, so you get the benefits of dealing with an established, global business. At the same time, you get a personal service from people who care. It’s the best of all worlds when you buy from us.


Expert support via Live Chat or phone. Available 9-5, Mon-Fri. (Our Live Chat team are real humans so they need to sleep too!)


Reliability, experience and innovation. Since 1951, we have built a well-deserved reputation for service and quality into every air compressor.