The new  ABAC XPN O15: the professional compressor, reinvented

ABAC XPN O15 wall mounted compressor


ABAC XPN O15 delivers air everywhere you need!

We proudly present our innovative wall-mounted compressor with hosereel, XPN O15. With XPN O15 we have developed a highly versatile product which encloses 1.5 HP pump unit, 10 meters hose and tool holder all within the same, one-of-a-kind shroud. It goes without saying: XPN is manufactured to the highest industrial standards for which ABAC is internationally renowned.  

Compact, wall mounted enclosed hosereel design

The new compressed air supply concept will easily find room in DIYers’ garages, workshops, full-service bodyshops, as well as assisting faithfully mechanics and bike shops. XPN O15 is geared up with quick coupling, adjustable hose block length with 10 meters reach and pivot system allowing users to power air tools and save precious space at the same time. 

 XPN O15 features

The technological advancements do not stop here. Being oilfree for instance means that no level checks or oil changes need to be planned, with a consequent benefit from costs perspective and maintenance required. 

…And don’t forget the XPN O15 kits

Alongside the compressor, a full range of dedicated kits have also been released, extending even further the capabilities of the XPN O15. From inflating to washing, stapling and painting, XPN kits are designed for both the hobbyist and the professional user. 

ABAC XPN O15 compressor
ABAC XPN O15 compressor with kit in workshop



Simple to use and to install, XPO15 includes a QR code that brings the users to useful how-to videos and tutorials. 

Oil leaks, waste of space, high maintenance costs are common, recurrent stories in job environments of every kind from DIY to semi-professional, from shops to industriesABAC grants you the opportunity to get rid of all of this: ensure yourself everyday air compression tasks are delivered in a quick, viable and sustainable way. 


Join the change, join ABAC XPN O15, it means business!